Sunday, 4 March 2012


For those of you who read my other blog, you'll be aware that I've been "off the air" due to some family issues that have disrupted my life in the last few months.  As Autumn approaches and I gradually get the garden back under control,  I am also getting back to the studio, drawing and painting....

I have joned a group of people who meet weekly to draw with access to a model.  I am a bit "rusty" but the only way to get back to what I had been doing before is to persevere.

Today I spent some time at the gallery cleaning up a little bit and re-organising and I made one small still life drawing...  my favouritte ink bottles....

Last Friday, with the group, I made several new drawings.

These are five poses of one minute each....  I really love doing these drawings.  There is no time to think and the eye information needs to bypass the brain and go straight to the hand...   or at least that is how if feels to me.

A five minute sketch......  from a longer pose,  but this very much simplified one pleases me.

A two minute sketch in preparation for a longer pose....

... and, the 30 minute drawing at the end.  Pen and non-waterproof ink that is washed with water after it is made.  in this drawing, I had plenty of time and I went back with the pen to darken the four or five darkest shadows.
I am determined to continue drawing despite the interference of other people's issues.

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