Sunday, 28 August 2011

The studio becomes a studio again.

Today was the last day for SALA.  I spent the day out there and there were just a couple of people who visited... not surprising as it's the day when there is an "Artist's Market" in Adelaide.  It's always disappointing when the city monopolises so much of the festival, however it has been a good month.  This afternoon I began to turn the space back in to a more functional studio, with the easel in the best light rather than allowing the best access to the paintings.  It's been hard to do any painting for the past month, and so I hve a few ideas for pieces that I want to do.  
Today though, I did some drawing at last.  It felt good.
These are the bottles that are lined up on the window sill in the studio.....
 .... and I started to plan a painting of one of hte hillsides nearby.....
 This is a drawing that I made a few weeks (or is it months?) ago.....
 .... and I want to make a painting of this part of St Matthew's Church which is not far from the stuido church.  This is a photograph of the building that I took today.
I have a busy week coming up.... hanging an exhibition at the Barossa Regional Gallery (not my work, but a travelling exhibition from Country Arts SA) and it looks interesting.   I also need to work some day to pay the bills, but next weekend I should be ready to paint.

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