Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hard day

I spent much of the day at the studio in Hamilton today and planned several paintings that should have been easy, but somehow,  it was all hard today.

First,  I painted a part of my lunch...  the peach...

... then one of the neighbours,

... and then I tried a painting of some sheep yards along Taylor's Run Road.    I am still trying to use the same kind of brush strokes as Cezanne,  and they can look so simple... and yet it is all very calculated.
I might go back and have another paint on this piece tomorrow.  I have also been trying the painting of another Taylor's run road piece... where the ruined shed is.  I'll  try that again tomorrow also.

Some days, it all seems very easy, and some days it is hard work.  I still think that the trick is just to perervere.

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