Monday, 24 January 2011

Mt Ste-Victoire after Cezanne

My plan has been to copy several Cezanne paintings so that I can work out how he did the work and then use the same technique to paint some local landscapes and a particular still life. 
This mountain (Mt Sainte-Victoire) was painted by Cezanne a number of times (and by other artists also.)  It is either very painter-genic or easily accessable.
The painting is made using a minimum of colours, and very similar brush strokes all over it.   There are few details shown anywhere.  It seems like an extension of the pointillist style of the impressionists taken to patches of colour with distance being manipulated with colour and tone alone.
His still life that I painted last week had distortions of edges and contrast to indicate the 3-D nature of the subject.  He has used the same technique here... with contrasts in tone indicating differences in distance.

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